C’est Moi


Who’s got two thumbs, speaks limited
French, and hasn’t cried once today?
This moi.
– Liz Lemon




Coffee-lover | fashionista | displaced Wisconsinite | theatrical marketing maven | red velvet obsessive | avid Green Bay Packer fan | culture fiend | craft beer snob | world traveler wannabe | self-proclaimed nerd | daydreamer bourbon connoisseur half marathoner in training 

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    Your goals aren't going to happen by themselves, YOU gotta make 'em happen. 💪🏻
Morning weight sesh to start Tuesday off right. Love heading into the day feeling strong! 
#strongereveryday #findyourstrong #girlswhosortalift "Running gives freedom. When you run you can determine your own tempo. You can choose your own course and think whatever you want. Nobody tells you what to do." - Nina Kuscsik
#keepittight #starsandstripes #runforlife #runningisfreedom
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